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Functional Skills Tasks

Studying English or Maths, post GCSEs, is not something that everyone thinks about being particularly useful, however, it is clear from employers that the skills these subjects contain are important and continue to be useful long after your school days are over.

The functional skills tasks below are designed in such a way to develop confidence and fluency in maths and English.  They can equip you with the practical skills to get the most out of education, work and everyday life and to develop you to function more confidently, effectively and independently.

The tasks below are specifically designed to engage you in how the skills in maths and English can be used outside of the classroom; not in exam situations but more about how they can be used in the real world.

We would therefore like you to complete both the English task and then select 6 Maths tasks of interest to you from the selection below and attempt theses too.  Once completed please share your work with your English and Maths teachers.


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