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Retford Education Trust

 ‘Retford Education Trust - what can it do for you?’

The Trust has money available as grants for any young person aged 16-25 who has attended one of the secondary schools in Retford (Elizabethan, Oaks, St Giles). This money is for ‘educational purposes’ so it can fund courses in areas such as dance, drama, being a butler or a sommelier, or for equipment needed to take a course, such as a guitar, art equipment etc. The criteria are quite open and the link Governors in each school can offer advice and support about what might be acceptable.

The grant funding comes from investments made after the sale of the King Edward’s building in town and while parental income is taken into account on each application, the Trust aims to support as many students as possible each year, and if an application isn’t successful, it can be re-written and submitted again if circumstances change.

When completed please send to:

For further advice : Elizabethan Vice Chair of Governors –

I am writing to inform you about my completed 1st year, it has been the most amazing, educational and informative year which I can only hope for 2 more years of.  The things I have learnt this year not only in terms of dancing and musical theatre but in terms of the industry I am preparing to go into has been remarkable. Spending my training being taught by industry professionals and experts is something that is so special in my training. My teachers are an inspiration to me each and every day, and I have learnt things that I will put into my own practise and hopefully one day I can be as successful as them.

I can’t thank you enough for your generous donation towards my training. It has helped me so much by taking the pressure off my family in order to provide more money for me just so I can train in the subject which I love. Your donation had helped me in my training not only within my college but to take extra classes out of college by industry professionals in order to further my training more. Again I cannot thank you enough for your donation, it really makes my dream possible.


Please see the Notice to Students and Application form below: