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First Aid

The Elizabethan Academy has a manned first aid room during school hours.  They deal with medical issues that arise during the school day.  They are unable to act as a replacement GP or A&E service and any ongoing issues will be transferred back to parents/carers.

If a student is unwell whilst in school they are to report to first aid and if it is felt that they need to go home a first aider will call home.  Students should not contact home directly as this contravenes school rules on using mobile phones.

When a student is ill, please ring attendance and leave a message giving the reason for the absence.  If a student has an infectious disease such as Chicken Pox or Scarlet Fever it would be really helpful if the person giving the information states this clearly.  This information might be needed for staff or students who have lowered immune systems who will then need to contact their doctor.

The Student Health Co-ordinator also supports students with medical needs, developing health care plans when needed and keeping any medication required safely locked up in the medical room.  Students are not to carry medication unless it has been previously agreed for example asthma inhalers or Epipens. If a student requires medication they must bring it to a first aider in its own container with the completed Elizabethan medical letter from a parent/carer.  The medical letter is available on the website, in reception and first aid.  If the medication is not prescribed it can be given for three consecutive days only at which point it must be prescribed.

If you have any queries regarding the medical concerns of a student please ring the Academy and ask for first aid. We will endeavour to support the student to enable them to make the most out of their education.