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First Aid

The Elizabethan Academy has a manned first aid room during school hours which deals with medical issues that arise during the school day.  First aid is not a replacement GP or A&E service and any ongoing issues will be transferred back to parents/carers.

If a student is unwell whilst in school, they should notify their teacher who will call for a first aider. They will be treated at the classroom or taken to the first aid room if they require further care.

A first aider will call parents if their child needs to be picked up from school. Students should not contact home directly when they feel unwell as this contravenes school rules on using mobile phones. 

The first aid room is open to students during break or lunch times to access without first asking a teacher.

When a student is ill, please ring attendance and leave a message giving the reason for the absence.  If a student has an infectious disease such as Chicken Pox or Scarlet Fever, it would be really helpful if the person giving the information states this clearly.  This information might be needed for staff or students who have lowered immune systems.

The Student Health Co-ordinator supports students with medical needs and develops health care plans for students with medical conditions.

Please let the health coordinator know of any medical conditions, including asthma and allergies that may affect your child in school.

Head injuries:

We ask that all students who have any sort of bump to their heads seek first aid by visiting the first aid room at break/lunch times or by alerting their teacher in lesson time. 

The student will be assessed and receive first aid and be monitored for any ill-effects. They will be given a 'Head Injury Note' to give to parents/carers which gives advice on care of a head injury and when to seek further medical treatment. Parents are also notified by a first aider if their child sustains a bump to their head in school time.  

Medication in school:

According to the school medication policy, students may carry and take over-the-counter medications in school. The student must have a signed consent form from their parents which they keep with the medication. Please only send the medication needed for one day (not a whole box of tablets).

We are able to store these medications in the locked medication cupboard in the first aid if your child requires assistance in monitoring these medications.

Prescribed medications can be given in school. A separate consent form signed by the prescribing doctor is required. Prescribed medications are stored in the locked medication cabinet or the refrigerator in the first aid room. Students may visit the first aid room to take these medications. 

If your child is asthmatic, please inform first aid so that it can be noted on our system and the asthma paperwork/consents sorted. The school also has a Salbutamol Inhaler for students to use if they have finished/forgotten their inhaler. This is with the consent of parents and forms part of the asthma paperwork. All of these consent forms are available from the first aid room, school reception or on the school's website.

If you have any queries regarding the medical concerns of a student, please ring the Academy and ask for first aid. We will endeavour to support the student to enable them to make the most out of their education.