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Exam Information

All students in years 11 12 & 13 have been issued with an email with links to JCQ exam rules and regulations for this year.  

Here is the link for 2023-2024 Information for candidates documents - JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

Exam Timetables

Information regarding exam dates for Pre Public Exams (PPE's) and external GCSE and GCE exams, will be posted here as they become available, but will just be general date information until exam entries are finalised.
A reminder that students, other than Sixth Form, should attend all exams in full school uniform.  All students should come fully equipped with a black pen, pencil and ruler. They will also require a compass and protractor for their Maths exams and a calculator for the Maths calculator paper and all their Science exams. 
Sixth Form students must ensure they wear their student ID badge for all exams for identification purposes.
Staying well hydrated during exams is very important, students are allowed to bring a drink with them to exams, but this must be water only, in a clear plastic bottle with any labels removed.

Exams for the academic year 2023-2024:

The next fully timetabled session of internal exams will commence on 26th February 2024 for Year 11 and Year 13 in all subjects.  A copy of the overall timetable is available below for reference.

PPE Exam Timetable Feb & March 2024 Yr11 & Yr13

Individual timetables showing specific rooming and seating for students will be issued via email on 19th February.

Included in this period of PPE's are some scheduled vocational subject sessions for Year 9 & 10 in specific subjects, your teachers will let you have the finer details of these, but where timetabled it is critical that you attend.

Summer 2024 – External GCSE’s and GCE’s

The overall general exam timetable for summer 2024 is posted below for information, with specifics for our centre, but each exam board has full details on their websites for reference.  Written exams begin week commencing 6th May, but with some BTEC subjects the previous week and run to 21st June depending on subjects taken.  There are however other exams in the weeks leading up to the written exam season, such as Art, Photography, Music, French, German and Spanish Speaking tests, Drama and PE assessments etc that students should be prepared for, with relevant departments notifying them of the specific dates.

Exam Timetable Summer 2024 GCSE & GCE amended 06/02/24

The awarding bodies have designated Wednesday 26th June 2024 as the ‘contingency day’ for examinations. The afternoons of Thursday 6th June and Thursday 13th June have been designated as ‘contingency afternoons’ for examinations.

The designation of ‘contingency days’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations in the United Kingdom. It is part of the awarding bodies’ standard contingency planning for examinations. We must therefore remind candidates and parents that students must remain available until Wednesday 26th June 2024 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan

The Elizabethan Academy – GCE and GCSE results day arrangements

The JCQ have released and confirmed the dates for results days in the summer.  Details of our specific timings are below:

A Levels – Thursday 15th August 2024 – in main hall 
10am to 1pm 

GCSEs – Thursday 22nd August 2024 – in main hall 
10am to 1pm 

Any student who cannot, or does not wish to come into school, will also have the option of receiving their results remotely – if this method is required then the student must contact Mrs Miller, The Exams Officer directly on

This should be done well before the end of the summer term to ensure this request can be actioned, and the email verified well in advance of either results day.  Students can use a personal or school email address for this.

If students want their results posting out they need to provide a stamped addressed envelope before the end of the summer term, but would need to understand we are not allowed to post out until results day itself.

Results can only be issued to students (not their parents) and any follow-up requests must also come from them. Other people are allowed to collect students results if they have a signed note of authority from the student – this must clearly state who is collecting the results and the person must be able to show ID to support this.

Information regarding enquiries about results processes, procedures and fees will be posted here during the summer term and students will also receive details in their results envelopes.


Exam Certificates


Exam certificates from previous years are still available for any past students, but please email or phone the Exams Officer in the first instance to make suitable arrangements to receive them.  Exam certificates from 2022-2023 were posted out in January 2024. 

Arrangements for the issue of this year’s certificates for qualifications achieved during the Academic Year 2023-2024, will again be by post once certificates are received in November 2024.  After collation and checking they will be issued during January 2025.

Please therefore ensure you contact us if your address changes following the end of the summer term 2024 to ensure you receive them via the correct address at that time.  You can notify Mrs Miller Exams Officer of any address change relating to certificates at that time by emailing

A further communication will be sent regarding these arrangements on results day and later in the Autumn term.

If you require any further information regarding exams, timetables, results and certificate collection please email the Exams Officer: