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Destination measures record the number of students who have been in a sustained destination for six months in the year after finishing key stage 4 or 16-18 study (from October to March, or any six consecutive months for apprenticeships).  The most current and reported data held by the Government is for 2020 leavers.

Key Stage 4 destinations (2020 leavers)

The information below shows pupils who completed key stage 4 in 2020, and stayed in education, employment or apprenticeship for at least 2 terms after this.

Pupils staying in education or employment 95%
Pupils staying in education 85%
Pupils in Apprenticeships 4%
Pupils in staying in employment 6%
Pupils not staying in education or employment 4%
Destination unknown 1%

Key Stage 5 destinations (2020 leavers)

The table below shows students who completed their 16-18 programme in 2020 and stayed in education or employment for at least 2 terms after this.

Students staying in education 53%
Students entering apprenticeships 5%
Students entering employment 34%
Students not in education or employment 8%
Destination unknown 0%