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7th Heaven

The Elizabethan is not just an academy, it’s a community.  Staff and students are proud of their accomplishments, both in and out of the classroom.

Sue Smith, 72, runs 7th Heaven Hedgehog Rescue on her own, and relies only on support from volunteers in the local community. She has now been doing this for 15 years!

She is currently housing 80+ hedgehogs in need of constant care.  The aim is always to rewild them, but they are now in hibernation season and, therefore, they'll have to be kept at the rescue until spring. 

Some of them are in incubators, many have serious illnesses and injuries requiring medication.

The Rescue has recently been badly affected by flooding, putting even more pressure on Sue.

What can you do to help?

Any donations, however big or small, will help Sue with essential items needed to care for the hedgehogs. 

You can donate via PayPal here:

Or, you can donate wet or dry cat food (hedgehogs will love it, especially meat flavours) and puppy pads.  Mr Ciardulli at the Elizabethan Academy will be happy to organise delivery if that's easier for anyone.

Elizabethan Academy students, led by Georgina in year 8 and, Henry in year 7, have been spreading the word and collecting donations. Mr Ciardulli and Miss Rowe took them to the rescue on Monday 18 December to see Sue, pass on the donations and of course meet some beautiful spiky patients! 

Please help Sue if you can, if you meet her or read her beautiful posts on the rescue's Facebook page, you’ll see what a special, generous, and amazing woman she is.  A real treasure of our community who is dedicating her life to help protect and ultimately save our hedgehogs, a beautiful and vital part of our wildlife. 


Registered Charity/Non-profit

Charity number: 1202714




Address: 97 GROVE LANE


DN22 6ND

Phone / WhatsApp: 07842066318