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The Academy congratulates students on some incredible achievements in GCSEs and other qualifications this summer.

The Elizabethan Academy celebrates students’ achievements despite the national realignment to 2019 standards.  We are pleased to report some incredible achievements by our students in their GCSEs and other qualifications this summer.

Principal Christine Horrocks stated, “I am so proud of all our students at the Elizabethan, especially after such difficult and challenging circumstances over the past two years. They have shown determination and resilience. As an Academy we believe in supporting and challenging students to achieve their full potential.  We know that this year is a re set year in terms of national results and some schools and students will be more effected by this than others.  It is therefore vital to us that all our students can progress onto their next stage ready to realise their career goals. We have a record number of applicants this year into our already oversubscribed sixth form and I am delighted that students value the teaching, pastoral support, breadth of curriculum, values and ethos of our very special school.


We are all delighted to share with you the thoughts of our students on this very special day

Notable students and performances

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Chloe was very happy with her results; she was particularly pleased with her grade 8 in psychology and plans to stay on at the Elizabethan Academy to study psychology. Her long-term plans are to become a clinical psychologist supporting young people with their mental health challenges.

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William was nervous about opening his envelope, he was delighted with the results that he achieved, and he will now go on to study English Literature, English Language and Drama at The Elizabethan Academy.



Oscar was excited by the fabulous set of results that he achieved. He was particularly proud of his grade 9 in Computer Science because he found the examination harder than he had expected. Oscar was also delighted with his grade 9 in maths, and he is looking forward to the next stage of his studies.

Florence was surprised with how well she had done in her examinations; she was particularly pleased with her English Literature results. Florence is now looking forward to starting her A Level studies at The Elizabethan Academy in September.


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Joel was delighted with his results; he was not expecting to do that well and is happy. He is going on to study A Level Maths, Physics and Enterprise and has his eye on doing engineering at university.


Mr Dainty, Assistant Principal for Sixth Form, has said he is “delighted with the growing number of sixth form students who will be joining us in September. This is due to the wide range of subjects and opportunities that we offer at The Elizabethan which will support them in their future career aspirations. We look forward to welcoming our new Year 12 students in September.”