Student Auditions

Wednesday 24th September 4pm - 6pm

Playing With History

How did it feel to be a slave? Why did William the Conqueror win the Battle of Hastings and what would a villain have to say about his place in the feudal system? We were given the opportunity to think about all these questions, and plenty of others, when Y7 and Y8 had the opportunity to watch, and then take part in, two history-themed plays which were performed by an outside provider.

BTEC Acting creates a Job Fair

The BTEC Acting group laid on an Expressive Arts Job Fair for year 7 and 8’s in the Drama rooms, showcasing a variety of jobs available in Expressive Arts.

EHS win the Spacey Foundation Challenge

Emma Clarke and Matthew Sivetar were recently selected to go down to London and spend the day with the Kevin Spacey foundation in a workshop and performance of Richard III at the Old Vic Theatre.