Supporting our students to succeed

We have a proud tradition of academic achievement at theElizabethanAcademy, which reflects the support we provide for learning throughout every year of our students’ school career.

Central to this support is a robust tracking system, which enables us to identify which students are likely to achieve well and which may well under-achieve.  As parents, you will receive a formal update four or five times a year on both your child’s progress and also their attitudes to learning.

The tutor plays a key role in supporting your child.  They are best placed to see the “whole” child, rather than just their academic performance.  Review Day is a key date in our calendar, when you have the opportunity to meet formally with the tutor to discuss your child.  However, we encourage parents and carers to keep in regular contact with tutors throughout the year.

Parents’ Evening is another vital part of the support we offer our students.  Parents tell us that they appreciate the opportunity to meet the people teaching their children face-to-face, to discuss progress in individual subjects and to find out what students could be doing to improve further.

We have a thriving and committed Additional Needs Department who offer a range of support for students who find aspects of the school a challenge.  This can take the form of specific support in lessons, one-to-one and small group work out of lessons or access to a range of people and services offering more emotional support.

Our most able are supported to shine through a number of departmental and whole school initiatives.  Our excellent performance in recent UK Maths Challenges and annual domination of the Choir Competition at the Worksop Festival are just two examples of the opportunities available.

Ultimately, it is impossible to outline in detail the actual support each student at The Elizabethan Academy will receive.  Beyond the initial tracking, Parents’ Evenings and Review Days, all support is tailored to the individual needs of each and every student.  After all, everyone is unique!