Support and Guidance

Caring for and supporting our students

 Our Student Leadership Project is the foundation of our pastoral system.  This project has driven our pastoral re-structuring to cross-year tutor groups, as this offers many more opportunities to develop student leadership skills and qualities and even better cooperation and collaboration between students of all ages.

We are passionate about our unique Student Leadership Programme because...

•       It builds confidence, improves organisation, communication, teamwork, encourages planning and review processes

•       These are all important transferable life skills and qualities that will prepare our students best for the world of work

•       Which will give them a head start and set them aside from the majority

•       This programme is an entitlement for all our students

Our pastoral system is structured vertically rather than horizontally... we are grouped in ‘Teams’ rather than year groups.   Each student is placed in a tutor group under the support and care of a Lead Tutor and Co Tutor.  Each tutor group belongs to a ‘Team’ under the guidance of a Team Leader.  There are 5 Teams, each containing 8 tutor groups and working under a unique, over-arching tag-line that forms the basis of their identity.  This pastoral support structure enables students to settle quickly and happily into life at the academy.  We firmly believe that a happy student who is actively involved in the tutor group will learn effectively and be successful.

Each tutor group follows a carefully planned active tutorial and PSHCE programme to enable and encourage students to grow into responsible, kind, caring and active citizens.  It also offers considerable opportunities for students to ‘lead the learning’ in tutor period as well as in every subject.

Tutors and Co Tutors meet their tutees every day and celebrate achievements, instil good study habits, monitor attendance, reinforce our expectations around behaviour and uniform, promote and encourage students into enrichment opportunities through our 5 week phases and inter-form/team competitions.  During this time students work cooperatively, competitively and successfully with all ages planning, delivering and solving cognitive tasks, literacy and numeracy activities, older students support younger students to read with more confidence etc.  The generosity of spirit of our young people is clearly evident in our daily tutor period sessions through the support, care and advice they offer each other.

We have developed our own Leadership Award structure and this underpins the entire pastoral support structure.   It has 4 tiers, each with a set of standards to meet, to achieve the Academy Leaders Awards and bespoke badge.  For example, to achieve Academy Leader Silver Award a minimum of 2 hours leadership in subjects structured around STEP plus 2 hours in tutor period must be logged.  Every student has a Leadership Log that they annotate over 5 years in their pursuit of the 4 awards.  We are working towards student leadership being evident in every lesson, in every subject with the expectation that every student achieves the awards.

Running alongside this we have an intricate Student Leadership Structure, consisting of elected officers and roles where students are encouraged to nominate themselves and secure staff endorsement.

Leadership Structure (Click on the link)

We place a high value on ‘student voice’ and actively promote students taking the lead in shaping learning, planning special events, offering feedback, generating ideas, organising charity work and raising awareness of important issues.  We value the input of our many student leaders as they represent the views of our learners so that we can continue to work together to provide an environment in which they can all thrive and experience success.

We are proud of The Elizabethan Academy because...

  • Our students are better prepared and equipped, through their experiences, to compete for places in FE, HE, employment or training
  • Student leadership is an important thread through lessons, enrichment activities and Tutor Period
  • There is a confident pride and respect across the Academy