Pupil Premium: Catch-Up Premium

Catch-Up Premium has been used to fund smaller group sizes in core English and Maths lessons, and provide small-group extraction in other timetable slots. Changes to the way we track have made it hard to show the full impact of this programme as students arrived with National Curriculum grades and the end-of-year assessments were marked using a GCSE 9-1 scale. It has, therefore, been necessary to translate Key Stage 2 data into the 9-1 score so that we can demonstrate progress.

Maths: 23 students joined the Elizabethan in September 2015 below Level 4 in Maths. A programme for “emerging mathematicians” took place during additional literacy lessons, combined with smaller group sizes in core Maths lessons. 8 were below the level of the Key Stage 2 test, and seven achieved at least a Grade 2 in the end-of-year assessments, with some achieving a Grade 3. All except two of those who achieved a Level 3 in the KS2 SATs, which equates to a new Grade 1, had progressed to at least a Grade 3- and in some cases 3+ or 4-.

English: 18 students joined with a reading SAT score of below Level 4. A programme of intervention took place during second-language time, with reduced class sizes in core English lessons. Of the 10 students below the level of the test in Year 6, 7 achieved a minimum of a Grade 2 in the end-of-year assessment, with two absentees. Of those achieving a Level 3 in Year 6 (Grade 1 equivalent), all had progressed to at least a Grade 2, with two achieving a 3= in the assessment.

Baseline assessments in September 2016 will be used to assess students on the 9-1 scale at the start of the year, so that there is no need to translate from one grade to another. A question-level analysis of the SATs papers will also be used to target students for specific intervention.

Catch-Up Premium Plan 2016-17