Learning Support




In addition to support from teaching assistants in the classroom and in small groups, the Elizabethan Academy provides the following additional resources for our Special Needs Students:


We work closely with feeder and other primary schools to make sure that all students feel comfortable with their move to a larger school.  SEND students will have the opportunity to have extra visits to school in order to familiarise themselves with the environment and some of the staff they will meet. 

Lunch Club

Lunch Club is available within the Learning Support Department to meet the needs of students with communication and interaction difficulties who may find social times difficult.  It gives them an opportunity to mix with other students and staff in a safe and friendly environment.

Homework Support

The Learning Support Resource room and staff are available at break times and during Lunch Club to help with homework and to give access to ICT when necessary.

Year 7 Nurture Group

Targeted students with SEND who may find transition difficult or have significant learning needs may be offered a place within the Nurture Group.  This follows a more primary model with daily literacy and numeracy input in order to ease their way into the secondary school system at an appropriate level.

Key Teaching Assistants

Students on the Special Needs register at School Action Plus and who are AFN funded will be allocated a Key TA.  This TA will work closely with the child, parents and staff to meet the child’s needs within school.  We feel that this increases the confidence of the child as there is a named member of staff within Learning Support that they can turn to with any problems.

Forest School

An alternative provision used to improve confidence, self-esteem, team building skills and motivation.  This is used within year 7 and 8 and aimed at targeted SEND students.  It takes place at different woodland venues with a trained Forest school Leader working in practical ways.

Educational Testing and Dyslexia Screening

In addition to standard testing and assessments and tracking within school there is provision for extra testing and Dyslexia screening by a specialist teacher.  This helps identify students who may need additional support within lessons or may benefit from more individualised tuition. It may also provide evidence for exam boards if applications for additional access arrangements for exams are to be made.

Specific Learning Difficulties Pilot Programme

From September 2012 we are piloting a programme focussed on students with Specific Learning Difficulties.  This will involve the detailed assessment of students, an individually planned programme of work to target areas of difficulty alongside fun activities to increase confidence.  These small group sessions will take place after school for one or two sessions a week.


The Inclusion Base is a facility which provides short-term, time-limited, focused support for individuals who, for a range of reasons, cannot access learning in their current regular learning situations. It is about identifying and removing barriers to achievement, ensuring all have equality of opportunity and empowering all students with skills and strategies to deal with their individual issues.

The inclusion Base also offers intensive support for students across the curriculum in small groups or 1:1, coursework catch up sessions for students studying towards GCSEs and Btec qualifications. It offers emotional and study support to students returning from long periods of absence as well as providing reintegration packages for students returning to mainstream. For students who enter the school mid-year, there is also support for them with school systems, timetables and testing.


This base serves as an alternative to exclusion and is manned by a Teaching Assistant, who works closely with other members of the inclusion team and the Heads of Year to enable students to meet their potential. She also addresses issues with recurring behaviours, is able to signpost students to appropriate external support services and works with the school nursing service to address issues surrounding teenage health.