Academy students celebrate individual and collective GCSE success

Elizabethan students, parents and staff celebrated exam successes with record numbers of top grades in English, maths and Science. Principal Christine Horrocks said, “At the Elizabethan, we believe in celebrating every individual student’s achievements and not just those gaining the top grades. We believe in education in its broadest sense; qualifications are important as they enable students to go on to achieve their aspirations for university, apprenticeships and ultimately their career goal. However, we believe students personal development is equally as important. We ensure students have the pastoral support, careers guidance and extensive curricular and extra-curricular opportunities to thrive in the future and develop the skills and attributes they need to be successful. Mental health issues and extreme stress in schools appear to be increasing and we are proud of the fact that despite external pressures we have maintained an inclusive, tight knit and happy community in which our students flourish. Each year it is a privilege to congratulate our students for their standout performances, and this year is no exception with an increasing number of students gaining grades 7 to 9 in English, maths and Science.

Daisie Ellis (Right in photo) achieved seven GCSEs at grade 9, three at grade 8 with one A* and one A grade. She is staying on in the sixth form to study Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics so she can then go on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge. “I am so thrilled that all the hard work has paid off and I am so incredibly grateful not only for the academic support I have received, but for the emotional support during this stressful time.” 

Rowan Cox (Left in photo) achieved two GCSE grades at level 9, six GCSE grades at level 8, two GCSE grades at level 7 and one grade A. She is staying on to study Psychology, Maths, English Language and English Literature in the Elizabethan Academy Sixth Form. “I have just completed a residential at Cambridge and I know this is definitely where I want to go. These results are the first steps to achieving that goal. I am so delighted and also extremely indebted to the staff as I could not have done this without the support I have been given”. 

Mrs Horrocks stated, “We are particularly proud that we have achieved these results without narrowing the curriculum.  We are a Gold Artsmark academy and value academic subjects equally with the arts and technology.” Summing up the results, she added, “Our students, together with my dedicated staff, have worked together with great determination and focus in order to achieve these outcomes.  I am delighted by their personal achievements and excited that we have record numbers staying on in our rapidly expanding sixth form for which we have great plans.”

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